Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Post: Tamera from T Times Three

Well Andrew and I were supposed to be in Charleston from Today till Sunday but some things happened so we are in still in Raleigh. So today we will be taken the dogs for some much needed grooming.... BUT I still have some amazing ladies who came up with some terrific post so I want to share.

First up in Tamara from T Times Three. I stumbled upon her blog when I first started blogging and I love her! Shes such a doll! Shes a fellow Raleigh Girl and newlywed like me and so glad I have gotten to know her. We could be IRL friends I know it! So check out her post on why she loves the place we call home :)

Hi everyone!  I am Tamara and I blog over at T Times Three.

When I stumbled upon Brianna's blog a long time ago, I was so excited to find that she is also a Raleigh girl!  So, while Brianna is enjoying beautiful Charleston, SC, I am going to share a little about what makes our hometown so wonderful!

1. Ok, first things first... one of the best things about Raleigh has to be NC State University!  Both Brianna and I are students there and we love our Wolfpack!  If you are ever in town, try to check out either a football or basketball game.  We may not win all the time, but we sure do have a great time!

2. The State Fair!  I had never been to the State Fair until I moved to Raleigh.  I get so excited every year when I see the empty fairgrounds get transformed and brought to life.  And it is a great excuse to eat all the fried food your little heart desires!

3. The Museums.  Ok, I'm going to show my inner-nerd here.  As the capital, Raleigh is the home to all of the State museums.  My absolute favorite is the Natural Science Museum!  Its absolutely free and filled with dinosaurs and even a butterfly room complete with a live sloth.  Too cool, if you ask me!

4. The FOOD!  I seriously believe you could eat at a new restaurant every day in Raleigh for a year and not repeat one.  There are so many... and they are all wonderful! 

My favorite breakfast place, hands down, is Big Ed's!  Big Ed's located in the heart of downtown and serves up country meals.  Anytime we have company in town, this is where we go!

For lunch, Cameron Village has the best selection!  You can have a beer at the Village Draft House or have brunch at Cafe Carolina.  If you feel like having fast food, you can eat at the world's only double-decker Chickfila.  Don't forget to get dessert at Goodberry's!

Where to eat for dinner is definitely a tough decision!  My husband and I just tried out Second Empire and loved every bite.  Definitely check it out!

So there you have it... just a peek into what makes Raleigh a wonderful city!  I'm so lucky to now call it home, and I'm sure Brianna feels the same way!

Come visit me over at T Times Three and say Hey!

Well I hope you enjoyed learning more about Raleigh! Tamera hit some of my favorite things as well. So if you don't follow Tamera do it now! You'll love her blog just as much as I do!

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