Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinterest Baby Shower Ideas

So as I shared with you before my mom is having a baby
Ava Gray will grace us with her presence end of July/ Early August
( Doctors say they will take her early since my mom is in her early 40's)

So with a baby comes a shower and My sister and I are hosting a shower at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Charlotte
( I can't tell you where yet cause invites haven't gone out and its a surprise for mom! )

But with it being at a restaurant I don't have to worry about food but I do have the decor!
So here is what I have been thinking


Centerpiece Ideas

Baby Games
Source: via Brianna on Pinterest


Fer over the top shower but I want to do something fun cause its like shes having her first baby since 
my sister and I are 23 and 17 so we are having a nice and classy shower!! However I am still having a 

hard time figuring out how to decorate the chairs ( pom poms?) and how to decorate the door to our 

private room ( Maybe a tissue paper AG for Ava Gray?) and lastly center pieces, I don't want to do 

flower so do you have any ideas for non flower center pieces?? Help Ladies!

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  1. So. so cute! Don't you just love Pinterest for ideas and inspirations! Love the favor ideas! :)