Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Groupon Home Makeover

I love groupon and living social
If I am gonna do something why not see if I can get a good deal.
There have been a few of these but we decided to buy two groupons from  Canvas on Demand

I've been in the process of redoing our bedroom since we got our new king size bed
It was a lot darker with rich browns, Burgundy and creams but when we got the new bed and it was so much bigger Andrew and I both decided we wanted to brighten it up 
So when we did we needed something knew to put over our bed to match the new neutral tone of light blues, white and cream
So here is our first Canvas

This wedding picture was perfect since it was very naturalistic and match the cleanness of the room. I am looking now for two white square framed mirrors to put on either side to really complete the wall. Any suggestions on where to find them let me know, I've also been hunting supplies to maybe DIY them

The next canvas we put in the living room. 
I previously had some DIY Wall Art that I made ( You can see my post here). I made it when we still had our futon so I figured it was time to upgrade to some adult decor :)
We got some pictures taken for Christmas to include our newest dog Cooper on our card but besides the Christmas Cards we haven't used them. So we decided to get one of them on our second canvas.

I bought the two wall sconces today from Bed Bath and Beyond and I think they look pretty good. Bently even posed when I took this picture which is rare!

I am still working on both of these rooms. I want lamps, curtains and many other things but of course I can't fund them all at once.

So what do you think. Have you used any good deals or find to help cozy up your home decor??


  1. Oh my goodness all those pillows on the bed! Where do you put them when you are in it?! I looove the pictures! We are finally getting around to putting some of ours up to... definitely makes it homey! Oh, and check out Target for the mirrors - I just saw somewhere online today someone got a really cute white mirror (it was round, though) from Target!

  2. I LOVE GROUPON! Those canvas look AWESOME!
    Great find! Great Decorating!


  3. Love the new decor! I understand about not having to the funds to do everything all at once. My hubby and I are in the process of making our house a home and it can be frustrating having all these ideas but no money haha I found lots of great deals on little things at stores like Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby would be my best bet for those white mirrors (: