Friday, April 20, 2012

And the moving search begins.....

Well no we aren't buying a house
but we are moving apartments
We would love to buy a house but Andrew only has 2 more years on his PhD and then who knows if we will live in Raleigh or somewhere else across the country :(
So until graduation and Andrew can write Dr. Andrew Wallace Tucker PhD.
( which by the way he said he is gonna make everyone call him that once he graduates)
We will be renting

Andrew and I have lived at this apartment for 2 years and a little part of me is sad to let go.
This was our first "home"
The first time we lived together
The first place we came back to after we were married
The first time we celebrated a married holiday together
The first place we will celebrate a married anniversary!

So many first and while I don't want to live in this little apartment forever.
It is time to move on

I am beginning starting grad school and we need to be closer to that side of town for whatever the future may hold for us
So blogger friends in the Raleigh area what do you suggest
We are looking ideally for a rental home anywhere near NCSU/Crossroads/South Raleigh towards Garner area

We are going to begin our hunting this weekend and of course its never a fun process to move especially when your still renting :(


  1. You should contact my friend Celeste @ Raleighweds. She lives in Raleigh and knows it quite well. I can only tell you about Apex, which I assume is NOT where you want to go. =) xoxo

  2. Have you had any luck? We live in North Raleigh, and don't know much about the area you are looking in. Good luck!