Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter : Our Exciting News!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I have some AMAZING NEWS!

Andrew and I have been attending the Summit Church over the last couple months.

Today during our service we were re-baptised.
Our Pastor really talked about the importance of being baptised as adults as people were in the Bible and the sermon just really hit Andrew and I hard. We were both baptised as children but felt this was the first step in starting our adult life in Christ for us and for our future family!  

If you are looking for a church and live in the Raleigh area we would recommend it and would love for you to join us!

We started out the day with Easter Baskets

Andrews is on the left and I got him the Movie Hop, Starburst jelly beans, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Reese Eggs and a Chocolate Bunny
Mind is on the Right and Andrew got me Swedish fish, Almond Joys, Reese Eggs, Bridesmaid, and a Chocolate Bunny :)

We also got the dog a special Easter treat :)

Here is what our Easter Meal looked like:

Crock pot Mac and Cheese 
( My go to recipe from my crock pot cookbook!)
Green Beans

Scratch Made Three layer Coconut Cake
(The Cake was good but not as moist as others I have made.  I would poke holes and pour coconut milk in cake before adding filling next time!)

This is truly and Easter to Remember at our house. Hope yours was just as amazing!


  1. That is so awesome! I wish I had been at that service to see it! We'll have to meet up sometime!

  2. Congratulations on your baptism!! I have been going to The Summit since 2007 and love it. I may have even met you yesterday because I was helping out with baptisms at the 11:00 service! So excited for you!

  3. WOW I didn't know that you lived here right next to me!!! Such a small world! I have heard of the Summit before. We attend Colonial Baptist in Cary. My husband was sprinkled as a baby, but was baptized this past weekend! What an amazing time in your lives! Congratulations! PS - hope to have the hubby's testimony posted online soon. Once I get my hands on the video! xoxo A-

  4. HOORAY!!! What a fantastic story to share! Just reading it gives me chills. Congrats to both of you:-)

  5. How awesome! I've visited the Summit before and it seems like a great church! Looks like it was a very special Easter!