Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Spiritual Gifts

Over the last two weeks in church we have been talking about spiritual gifts
and I couldn't have been more grateful for a group of sermons

These hit how I have been feeling completely 
That there is so much I haven't done it must not be enough
It hit on how to be close to God you don't have to stretch yourself to complete things in all aspects of the church but to find the one gift that God gave you and give it your 100%

I've been doing a lot of self reflection and thinking about the sermon and the list of spiritual gifts that J.D. listed from the Bible and I realized that my spiritual gift was obvious right from the start and I just wasn't listening
Children are the future and I believe in them
What better way for me to serve God then through them.

We watched a short clip during the service Sunday about Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year and the mentoring program he put into two different schools hes worked at with the Summit Church and what a difference it made in those students lives.
I literally cried. It was so amazing, this is why I teach, to touch lives.

I had been thinking alot about how to get involved with the Summit Kids and after the sermon there was an interest meeting for Summit Kids Week and I knew I need to go. I am so excited to get started working with the children at the church :)

So what are you spiritual gifts? Have you ever thought of it this way before? If your looking for a church in the Raleigh area let me know. I would love for you to join me :)


  1. aww! I have a planned post in the next few weeks about Spiritual Gifts too! I've loved the past two weeks!
    My small group leader is in charge of the preschool kids if you would her info! She's great! She's always looking for volunteers and has been on me to get in there the past few weeks!
    I think I might do Kid's week too!
    I know you will be a wonderful teacher and can't wait to see how you're blessing lives as well!

  2. We have been having a Spiritual Gifts bible study at our church and I agree that it was definitely needed. I've started working on my Masters to teach high school science and was second-guessing myself but the study helped me see that really is what I was meant to do. Great post!

  3. How wonderful! I actually took a "Spiritual Gifts Assessment" at our church in Raleigh (Vintage 21) to get a better bearing of it. It's amazing how prevalent our spiritual gifts are in our everyday lives.