Monday, April 29, 2013


It has been almost 2 weeks since I've blogged.
My life has been so crazy lately I didn't even realize it.

One of the things taking up my time is a new relationships series at church. It has really pushed Andrew and I in our marriage to talk about things you wouldn't normally talk about and spend more quality time together.

When I saw quality time I don't mean what you think, like watching tv, snuggling, eating dinner. 
Yes those are all great things and we do those all the time.
But this quality time is time spent talking. Spent analyzing and working on things in our marriage that most people push under the rug.

Our biggest thing is communication. 
We do it alot but we communicate in different ways. 
We have held so many conversations this week talking about how to make our communication better. 
I say well if you would have explained this more it would help me and he tells me how I can communicate to him better.
It is very insightful to know what I am trying to say and then hear Andrew tell me how he understood it.
Guys and girls are soooo different!!!

Our pastor even recommended in our current First Love Series that the person who has a hard time sharing feelings or elaborating (Andrew) write down things that happen in their day so they can share it with their spouse.
Let me tell yall, this is my favorite thing ever!
Andrew tells me everything, but most of the time he forgets things that happen at work cause it wasn't important in the aspect of getting work done.
But being the girl that I am love to hear about what happened in his day.
So I get so excited when I see his phone come out with the lists he made!!!
It gives me a greater glimpse into his day and allows us to talk more about what we did and how it makes us feel.

I have so much I have learned through this first love series and will share more this week.

How are some ways that you intentionally communicate with your spouse?


  1. We take daily walks (as long as the weather permits!) and use that time to communicate.

  2. This really sounds like something my husband and I could use. :) Thank you for your tips on it.

  3. We like writing surprise love notes to each other sometimes...

  4. This sounds interesting! I'd love to hear more about it!