Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shanangians!

This weekend was so busy.
I knew heading into it Friday that I would barely have any time relax.
So I started out my Friday telling Andrew I had about 6 hours after work to relax before the crazy began.
So we were off to mellow mushroom with a few friends for some pizza and beer
Horray for their gluten free crusts!!
Sorry I have no pictures from Friday.
Bad Blogger :(

Here is where my craziness begins

1. I started my beautiful Saturday in class. Boo for Saturday Grad School Classes :(
2. After class my gas light was on, when I went to the pump this is what I found! Hello Pollen!
3. I am not a Chobani fan! I hate fruit on the bottom. But their new flips are amazing!
4. To end the day and relax a little Andrew grilled steaks. Yes that is our little baby grill. 
Welcome to apartment living yall!

The craziness continues

We went to church as usually and JD preached another amazing sermon in our Relationship Series.
Then I worked with Summit Kids and it was my first Sunday and I loved it. 
It is so different from my middle schoolers!
Then I was off to Panera to work on another group project!
Then we were off to small group and finally home for dinner.
I tried some some new recipies from some of my favorite bloggers!
Mediterranean Fish and Mashed Calliflower
Thanks April and Christin!

So how was your weekend?


  1. This pollen is disgusting! I washed my car yesterday and within 5 minutes it had yellow junk all over it again! I remember the days of the baby grill and apartment living... more power to you, girl - I don't miss it!

  2. I have been wanting to try to make mashed cauliflower! Looks pretty easy! I have never been to Panera Bread either, ha!

  3. I had class on Saturday too! Grad school rocks :) We were surprised and got out 3 hours early which was a good thing because it was beautiful outside. Our hard work will be worth it!

  4. all the food portion of this sounds amazing!
    Now I want Starbucks, Panera, and Mellow Mushroom!

    I am glad you had a fun (crazy) weekend! :)

  5. I love your blog! your passion of Christ shines through it. I am excited to follow more of your adventures. You should give me a follow at :)xo-Jess