Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Wearing Wednesday!

So I asked you here what you wanted to see me blog about and I was so surprised you wanted to see more outfit posts from this not-so-fashionista.
Like I said I am more of a stick to the classics kinda gal!

But here it is, I feel like I had a week of pretty good outfits so I am willing to share.

Since Easter didn't show signs of warm spring weather I had a hard time picking out an outfit for church.
I wanted a spring dress full of lots of colors and I really wanted to wear my jacks.
I mean really my feet were begging for my jacks.
Luckily I had this Maxi Dress from a rehearsal dinner last April and new it was the perfect compromise
Designer: Maggie London
Store: Nordstrom

For work not play 
So I am a teacher and since I am still young I try to dress my best to put a good foot forwards with the parents and my administration that I am just as knowledgeable and responsible as those tenure teachers.
Here are a few of my outfits this week
Top: Target- old
Pants: Target ankle pants- this season

Dress and Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
I bought these both last weekend!

No worries though once I get home I am out of those cute clothes in to my comfy clothes before you could blink!

So what are your fav outfits recently??


  1. I love your Easter dress! My feet are just BEGGING for my wedges, too! I've decided that this week is the last week for my boots - I'm going to wear my sandals even if it means I freeze! I really love when you do these posts!

  2. I love your outfits! Now we need to schedule a blogger meet up! I go to raleigh & Durham everyday! :)

  3. Love your Easter dress! And both of your work outfits. I moved from Kindergarten to 3rd grade this year and have really embraced being able to wear nice clothes to work. Those Target pants are so cute!

    Hope you'll link this post up with Kerri and I today! xo

  4. I am in loveeee with the first maxi dress! So pretty and colorful!

  5. I LOVE your maxi dresses!!! Love love!

  6. The maxi dress looks stunning! Definitely a find. Nordstrom is the best place on earth!