Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY.... on a budget :)

So now that we are really settled in with all our newleywed gifts we discovered that we own every kitchen gadet know to man. I mean seriously we could open a resturant!! But after all the cleaning and organizing I discovered that we had almost no home decor things. So when I talked to Andrew about it he said he loves bare walls cause we are saving money so I knew I had to do something quick but on a teacher and graduate student budget.. I had to be realistic!

 I began following the blog Frugal Home Ideas and this lady is a genius! She had so much fun stuff and I knew I could get some fun decor Ideas from here on a cheap budget and that would make Andrew and myself both satisfied.

So my first step was to figure out where in our house I wanted to start first and then I decided since when you walk in the front door the first thing you see is the living room, I would start there. We have a huge empty space on the wall above our futon that before looked like this...

I love the idea of three panel wall canvases and after looking online I realized this would cost about 75 - 150 dollars and that was not okay with me.  I searched some more on the DIY blogs and found this Crazy Easy Wall Art and I was in love instantly. 

So here is what you need:
Canvas ( I used 3 ) - 12.99
High quality acrylic paint: 10.99
Stamp: 2.99

and then you get this

I think for my first DIY project its a pretty decent result and can't wait to try out my next project soon!

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