Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Weatherman

Dear Mr. Weatherman,
I know as part of your job if your wrong its not a big deal since your not God and don't create the weather butttt...
You are killing my hopes and I am tired of it.
It has rained literally everyday and all week you promised me 85 degree weather, sunny skies and no rain
I was so happy and couldn't wait till Friday to actually enjoy the first day of my track out at the pool

Well I woke up this morning, its 11:30 and here is what I see

I am not impressed! It looks like rain is in my future and no sunny skies but tomorrow you are promising me 80 degrees and party cloudy skies with no chance of rain. So hopefully you are just making me save all my pool energy for tomorrow when I can spend it with my husband and friends that are coming over.
P.S. my friend has a 3 year old and hes expecting a play date at the pool... your not going to disappoint a child are you ???


  1. Yes, I need some sun at the pool tomorrow too!

  2. Awwww, I was actually excited that it showed 75 today!!! =) But again, I needed to run and am so ready for the fall! xoxo