Monday, July 9, 2012

My Mom's Baby Shower

Yes Shocking. 
If you haven't been following me for long my mom is having a baby and is due in about a month!
We are beyond excited and can't wait to meet Ava Gray!
My sister and I decided since my mom hasn't had a baby in 17 years she deserved a baby shower
>>> HEADS UP<<<
This post is pretty photo heavy!!

We held the Shower for Ava Gray at the Pewter Rose Bistro in Charlotte

The theme was Asian and it fit perfectly with the lounge environment we were in because it was lined with origami cranes!
Our Chinese Take-Out Box Favors
They had pink personalized fortune cookies that were all about mom's shower!

Me with all the spread.. It was delicious

Scrap booking Stations.
Everyone made a page where my parents could input pictures of Ava later

The Cake

Some flowers with another favor which was a personalized fan

Diaper Cake :)

My sister, my mom's best friend and myself

Mom with her first two daughters :)

Mom and Michelle

The favor table :)

We also had everyone fill out their return address to make thank you cards easier. 

Everyone Making Ava's Pages

She got so many wonderful gifts but here were some of my favorites!!
Two handmade quilts from our Great Grand Mother
( I still have mine... they are the best blankets)

A rug for Ava's room decor

The Stroller... a must

The cutest baby ugg booties

And my absolute favorite gift. 
Ava is already a wolfpack fan :)
Bet you can't guess who bought that 

I am so excited for Ava to come and mom's shower was a blast!!!!


  1. Wow, everything looks amazing! I love the little Wolfpack outfit!

  2. That was a little shocking at first, lol, but how exciting! Looks like it was a blast!

  3. that is super exciting! I bet your mama is really excited to have a new little baby around and you're right, she definitely deserved a shower. Beautiful cake, btw :D I am a new follower to your blog and would love for you to come check out my blog some time!!

  4. All of the decorations are adorable! Especially love the cake and idea of filling out the envelopes!

  5. How awesome is Pewter Rose?! Truly one of my most favorite Charlotte places. Whenever I want to brunch with girlfriends, it's my go-to spot.

    Congrats to your mother! She is so sweet to have daughters and a friend to host such a beautiful shower. Very exciting :)

  6. Oh my gosh everything looks amazing! Congrats to your momma (:

    xo - Heather

  7. I love the scrapbooking station idea!! What a special event!

  8. Just came across your blog, so sorry for the late comment, but LOVE that homemade quilt and the NC Stizzle attire. I love me some Wolfpack! {I'm a NC/SC girl too!} Happy almost weekend!