Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ugh my body hates me

So Andrew and I eat pretty healthy 
I try to follow a shop the perimeter approach when grocery shopping 

And when I leave the grocery store about 90% of my groceries are from the "good" sections, 
I don't even use can products. I make all my own beans, and cream of "fill in the blank" soups to avoid preservatives, MSG and Sodium
minus our occasional bag of chips... oops at least my addiction is pretzels :)
Call me crazy I know but I am really pick about what goes into my body, I'm not as much a calorie counter but more of watch the crap counter

Until today....
I went to the gym and a new woman was teaching the cycling class
Kick my butt much???? 
But I loved it and shes teaching Friday so you know I will be there waiting for another butt kick

But then I had to stop by the grocery store for a last minute ingredient for a dessert I am making tomorrow ( I'll post the recipe tomorrow )
(which by the way is completely delicious but not very nutritious)
and I needed Oreos to make a crust

 well when I got home I ate....
 umm I am not going to tell you how many
Now I feel like crap... 

This is why I don't buy this stuff cause yea I still love the way junk food taste 
but no I don't like the way it makes my body feel

So how about you? How do you control what you eat, cause as you can't see I don't have self control and have to cut things out completely cause eating just one doesn't work in this house hold!


  1. I try to control what I eat but I am a total junky. But - like you - I feel terrible after eating it, like my whole body shuts down

  2. Ugh... Why does bad food taste so good!?!?!? I feel your pain on binge eating... When I want something terrible for me, I try to remind myself of how I felt when I did eat it all. Amy (on FRIENDS once said to Joey), "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips". HAHAHA Sorry girl...

  3. Ava Grey---Love her name!! Congratulations!! PS--I control what I eat by exercising as much as humanly possible, between chasing my two boys, so I don't have to control what I eat!!.. I love it too much!!! Whitley at the Queen City Style

  4. This is so true with me too. I've learned that I have absolutely no will power. I can't control myself during a moment of weakness (usually late at night). My tip is that I just can't buy it. If it's in the house, I will think about it nonstop until I eat it. I also try to think in terms of how long would it take me to burn that item off at the gym.