Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Made IT

Sorry for my lack of posting. When I last posted 
( about a month ago... YIKES)
I said I got a new job and since then I have gone through training, teacher workdays and taught my lovely kiddos and as of Friday I officially tracked out and have the next 3 weeks off :) 

I am definitely planning to plan my next unit, visit family, get some R&R and get back into my blog. I really miss it!!!

Here's a look into our relaxing Sunday
(If you follow me on twitter or instagram you've already seen this)
I made the bed before we went to church and when we got home I went to change and when I walked out of the closet this is what I found.
Needless to say it is a nasty rainy Sunday so I hopped into bed and we watched a nice movie :)

Enjoy your Sunday! I am going to finish my lazy day with the husband and pups with Brinner .. aka breakfast for dinner :)


  1. This looks like heaven! So fun! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Hi girl! I know you live in the Raleigh area and I just came across a local meet up group. Thought you might be interested if you haven't already seen it. =) xoxo