Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Communication Crisis

Alert Alert!!!
My phone is having a meltdown
Lets first start off this story with the fact that I HATE 
( and I don't like the word hate and we don't use it in our house)
HATE my phone.
I am an apple junkie... I love my Pro, I LOVED( notice the past tense) my iPhone
But then about a year and a half ago I had an upgrade and it was right when the 4 came out and my lovely husband (the anti-apple) convinced me to not get it as it was new and he said it probably still had some kinks and so I listened and I bought a droid
I got the first version of the Samsung Galaxy

And ever since the first day I got it I hated it
Why didn't I take it back you ask.. because I was so busy I never got a chance
and since then my phone will cut off in the middle of a phone call, freeze for hours and not load messages

Last night it got worse...
I noticed the Internet would not refresh my phone but it was late so I just went to bed...
Then i woke up this morning and was trying to text Andrew but now it wont text out
Needless to say I will be making a trip to AT&T to get my phone fixed and I will begin the countdown to March when I can get an upgrade and purchase another beloved IPhone


  1. I live by Apple, now! I had a Droid before my iPhone and absolutely HATED IT. I'll never ever have another phone!

  2. I've never had an iphone. But I love, love, love my Evo.