Thursday, July 5, 2012

I love Beach Music :)

So Last week we spent a wonderful week of vacation at the beach.
I just finished my first session of grad school classes and this vacation was greatly needed!
We spend a nice relaxing week with 6 of our closest friends and Andrews family was in a house down the street!

So here is a look into our week :)
Our pup Bently and our friends pup Wookie enjoying some beach air :)

Anthony, my sister Cassandra and I enjoying our first night out at the beach bars :)

Off and riding around in the golf cart with my nephew Ashton :)

Cooper's first time on the beach. He loved the water

Cassandra on the windy beach day. 

Off to play putt putt... A Beach MUST

Sara, Cassandra and I feeding fish on the peer

Bently doesn't like the water too much. He just wants to be rubbed :)

Homemade fried pickles ;)

Ending our last night with a trip to my favorite place :)

And there isn't a successful trip to the beach without watching some crazy people dancing at Broadway at the Beach

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