Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Employeeddd :)

So I told you yesterday I had some great news today.
After meeting with my school today and dropping off all my last minute items to finish off my paper work I am the newest 6th Grade Math Teacher at West Lake Middle School!!!
Go Wildcats!!
I am so stoked!!

I am enjoying my next two weeks of and then I start a two week orientation before I head into my first classroom on July 30th!! ( West Lake is a year-round school )

So now I am prepping for all my teacher necessities!
I have already purchased my new MyAgenda
I know everyone is crazy about the Lilly or Erin Condrend agendas but I've tried them both and this past year and still bought a MyAgenda after.
I used it all through college and I will never buy another!

So for all my teacher friends out there. I stopped by my local teacher store today but I was completely overwhelemed!!
 What are some things that are necessary to buy for your first year teaching!?!?!?


  1. That's awesome! I actually went to West Lake Middle School myself... too funny!! I was track 4 and it sounds like you will be too.

    I loved year-round school, hope you will!

  2. Look and see what your classroom/school have already. A few things that I like having in my classroom:

    -Baskets for each class to turn work in to. This helps me keep track of what's been graded and what hasn't.

    -Milk crates to keep track of the students' assessments so they can see how they progress through the year.

    -A podium for attendance and important notes.

    -A projector. These are kind of pricey so see if your school will give you one.

    -Classroom decorations that make your rooms yours:-)


  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about your classroom this year!

    A. I am going to write a whole post about this
    B. DO NOT SPEND A BUNCH OF MONEY on "stuff" I teach 6th grade english and literally they tear EVERYTHING up.
    C. The other reason that you shouldn't go crazy is that you dont really know what your groove is going to be and how you want things organized so buy things as you realize you are going to use them.

    Im so excited for you and PLEASE email me if you have any questions you are in the exact same position I was last year... I have some really great printable for posters and such that I would be happy to share!
    BTW 6th grade really is a great age to teach so much growth with in a year!


    First of all, VISIT THE DOLLAR STORE IF YOU HAVE ONE. Right before the beginning of the year, they have TONS of stuff there for teachers for $1!!!! I always stock up on random stuff for the year there!

    Also, posters for your classroom and punch out letters for bulletin boards. I use fabric on my bulletin boards (you can get it at wal-mart or any fabric store) that way I have to buy it once and can re-use it EVERY year!

    milk crates are a great idea, I use those for everything! But, I also have a file cabinet in my room.

    I wouldn't buy TOO much yet until you see what your school provides you with!!!!

    I teach 5th grade English, let me know if you need anything!

  6. Congratulations!! That is SO exciting!

  7. Congrats on your new job! That is so exciting!