Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prom- A Blast from the Past Link Up

Today I am linking up with 
Tamera from T times 3 
Pamela from Pamelas Place

I was so excited about this as my little sister just had prom over the weekend and I began thinking about my days at prom so here is a little recap! Check out the end of the post to see how my sister and I are just alike and a look at her prom dress that I loved!

PS. Does anyone else remember how expensive prom dresses were. I mean 400 was about my average but I guess thats nothing compared to wedding dresses :)

Junior Prom -2006
Date : Random Guy I hung out with before I started dating Andrew
I am in the coral dress

 Senior Prom 2007
Date: My then boyfriend, now lovely husband Andrew :)
I am in the brown dress
We went with a smaller group that year since we didn't get as big of a limo but met up with the rest of our friends from the previous year at dinner:)
I fell in Love with this brown dress and would have never picked it for myself because of the huge slit, but my sister forced me to try it on and I was in love

Now here is my little sister at her Junior Prom this year. Her boyfriend Dylan is a senior and they are adorable

And here is the picture to show we are definetly from the same family



  1. Loved both of your dressess!! SO pretty! You & sister are TOO cute!! Love that last picture. Absolutely love her dress too!! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. Ohhh I love both of your dresses! My black one was like your brown one - I didn't think much of it one the hanger, but once it was on, I was in love!

  3. WHAT A FUN LINK UP!!! I loved both of your dresses! at least you dont have dresses that you back and regret buying!!

    You sis looks super cute too!

  4. So much fun thinking back to the prom days!