Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

All Blessing and Honor, Glory and Power
Be unto your name
To the one who has come and is coming again
We bring our highest praise

I don't know what is about that song 
(besides the fact that its one of my favorite ones we sing in church)
But is has been my theme song for the past two weeks and I just can't get it out of my head!

So I felt it was very appropriate to blog about what I am thankful for this Thursday

I am thankful for a wonderful church. Andrew and I just started attending the Summit a few months ago but we enjoy it so much. We are still trying to find a small group but I know with time we will work our way into the one that is right for us

I am thankful for North Carolina State University. Besides being the greatest university on the planet, you have been a home to me for 5 years( yes I am a super senior... don't judge) While I am grateful to be graduating I will miss you and I promise to teach my children that this great motto: Wear Red, Get Fed :)

I am thankful for graduation. I am excited to get my first job as a full time teacher :)

I am thankful for my wonderful parents. Yes 5 years of tuition is tough but the future children of the world thank you :)

I am thankful for my sister Cassandra. I can't imagine what life is like without a sibling and I hope Ava Gray feels like that about us one day!

I am thankful for a wonderful husband. You are amazing and 99% of the time i don't know how you put up with me, but I am your best half :) 

I am thankful for my pupsters :) Thanks for your smiling faces everyday letting me know you need me:)

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