Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Domestic Disaster #1

So after talking last night with Tamera from T times 3

I decided this blog is about all aspects of my life and I Brianna Tucker had a domestic disaster!

So last night I was really excited cause it was my first Tuesday that I haven't had school since I finished exams and I am just waiting graduation.

Normally Andrew has to cook meals I have laid out for him for the week but tonight I decided to make one of Andrews favorite meals.
Yellow Curry Chicken with rice and broccoli

Well apparently today I needed to wear this apron cause here is how our meal went.

The chicken was cut and I began to cook the rice. Well this was a different rice than my normal rice and it was supposed to cook for 45 minutes??!??!?? So I followed the directions and 15 minutes in I stirr the rice, 15 minutes later I come back. RICE PATTY

Okay at this point I am really upset. So I tell myself, I'll cook the chicken and add the sauce and make more rice. Well I add the chicken and begin to cook it and add the sauce from our brand new bottle and its chunky!!!

So dinner tonight visited the dumpster and the Tuckers visited Mexican with Margs.

At least my disaster landed me with one of my favorite drinks!


  1. Too funny :-) It happens to the best of us! I just hope Andrew won't hang it over your head, like Trey does some of mine, haha! It is all in good fun, though :-)

  2. ok, so my husband would say that I need to wear this apron every day. whatev ... it would look good on me.

  3. Awww! At least you got a good drink out of it!