Sunday, January 15, 2012

Were sleeping good tonight :)

So for the past few months Andrew and I have be contemplating the perfect time to buy a new mattress
Well Friday night we were sitting at home and talked about the mattress again.
Mattress Firm was having a sale and we figure they wouldn't be busy on a Friday night so we could really look around.

About an hour later we were sold on this wonderful bed
We loved them but after narrowing it down we bought the model they call the Rhapsody.
I have a bad back so its more on the firm side.
We picked out a king mattress and we are loving it, its such an upgrade from our little full mattress.
If you ever thought of getting one do it!
Now my problem is I can't find a new bedding set I love.

Any suggestions on where some great bedding is??


  1. Yay! I love tempur pedic mattresses :) Glad you'll be sleeping better tonight. I also love your new blog background!

  2. OOO how fun! Especially when new mattress means new bedding! try westelm they are even having a sale right now even target has had some really good stuff lately!


  3. We need a new mattress SO bad, too! What store did you buy it from? Enjoy :-)

  4. I've heard so many great things about tempur pedic's! I love love love Target's bed selection...they have pretty good stuff like Meg said ^^ and even though it can be pricey, Pottery Barn has great stuff!!

  5. Nice! My parents have one and it is SO comfy! And I agree with Emma, Pottery Barn has great stuff (but like she said, expensive)...I also like Crate and Barrel!

  6. Pottery Barn and Anthropologie both have great bedding!