Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ever Been Cruising?

So with Norwegian, Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Princess 

How is a first time Cruise goer supposed to know what to choose??

With Spring Break (Yay for being a teacher), Our first Anniversary, and Graduation all coming up in a few months Andrew and I thought a great way to celebrate was to go on a cruise.

However after looking we got completely overwhelmed!

So fellow bloggers, if you have ever been on a cruise give me some helpful tips!
Where to go, what ship, when, best time to book ( I hear the later you wait the better the deals)
Our summer celebration plans thank you!


  1. We went on Carnival for our honeymoon because we didn't know any better... everyone we've ever known to go on a cruise went on Carnival. We loved every minute of it and weren't disappointed by a thing! The service was great, the food was great, it was all wonderful. Now that I know a little bit more, I'd look at booking with Royal Carribean or Norwegian... they are a little bit more pricey, but they look well worth it. I've seen some other blogger's pictures of those ships and they look heavenly. No matter what, you'll have a blast!

  2. I've been on many cruises & on several different cruise lines. I've never been disappointed and the experiences were all pretty similar when it came to how nice the ships were, the food, the amenities, etc.

    I would just suggest that y'all find a boat going to a destination you would like to visit, look up the specific's of the boat and make sure you'd be happy with the rooms, the shows they offer, the dining experience, and so on. And you'll be fine. :)

    I will say that the most recent cruises I've been on have been with Royal Caribbean and they were pretty amazing...a step above the rest for sure, but that doesn't make the other cruises I went on inadequate. RC's newer boats are just a little extra nice, ya know? Good luck!

  3. I have cruised with Royal Caribbean & Carnvial. My Grandmother & I went on a Royal Caribbean ship, out of FL. The ship was very nice!! My husband I & went on a Carnival ship, out of Charleston, in September! Since it is a small port, the ship was small but was nice. It is def cheaper, if you wait until later in the year, but I can't blame you for wanting to celebrate everything!! Both times, I went to the Bahamas/Caribbean & loved it! You will love going on a cruise! Oh my gosh, the food. Don't even get me started, ha! :)

  4. I have been lucky enough to have cruised on several different cruise lines, and Royal Caribbean was the best BY FAR. The food, the entertainment, the staff, the rooms on the ship. It is always cheaper in the "off season" of whatever destination you pick. For example, a caribbean cruise is cheaper in winter while an ALaskan cruise would be cheaper in the summer. Let me know if you have any questions! Cruises are seriously the BEST vacations!

  5. For SURE Royal Caribbean. It's the BEST. Food, rooms, etc..was MUCH better than anywhere else. Have SO MUCH FUN!


    PS..I used to teach 3rd grade..yay for teachers!