Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 day of bliss

I can tell you one thing... 3 day weekends were made with a teacher in mind.  With the hurricane last weekend, all our kids stuck inside over the weekend the kids had so much more energy this week and Labor Day weekend couldn't have come sooner.

This weekend Andrew and I spent the weekend in Charleston. It was very relaxing and a much needed get away with my family and full of things that are wonderful and so full of southern comfort :)

However our weekend didn't start off as stress free as planned.. first we saw traffic as far aw we could see and that didn't make for a very happy husband... he was ready to turn around at any moment

On Saturday we went to the beach with my Best Friend Holly and her boyfriend Jake. I was so glad to see Holly again especially since I haven't seen her since our wedding, and around that time I was starting to loose it...

Then we went back to my Grandmas and ate dinner, there is something about the way your grandma cooks food that is amazing ( I am sure it has something to do with all the lard they use to cook with but every once in a while it wont kill you). Hopefully one day I will be able to cook just as well but I feel like you really need the grandma title and since that wont be me for a while I guess my mom will be next in line.. 

No trip to Grandmas is complete without some fishing my dad didn't even last a full hour Friday before he was out on the boat but we got there so late Andrew didn't get a chance to fish till Saturday. My dad didn't catch anything but Andrew caught a Bass and was so excited :) I actually got a few pictures with him smiling showing teeth!!!

Sunday came and it was GIRLS DAY!!!! Andrew and my dad went and ran some errands to get ready for our cook out and then finished the day with some more fishing but us girls did what we did best... SHOPPED ALL DAY...Then when we finally wore out all the stores we headed back for dinner and then made some home made boiled peanuts... I will have to say that is the biggest thing I miss about living in Charleston is that you can buy them anywhere, anytime and in NC they are almost no where to be found... luckily I ate enough to last me a while this weekend..

Finally Monday came and it was time for us to come home... As you can see we had a very exciting weekend and just like Bently we are pooped and ready to be home and sleep in our own bed..

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