Saturday, September 24, 2011

What A Week......

This week has been crazy. I feel like this week was 100,000,000,000,000 days long. We have been completely all over the place and all plans we had made were changed and doubled. It was insane, and this weekend started earlier but we will save that for another post but just FYI... its not any slower but much more exciting ( Amazing Friend is getting married and weddings make me smile )

I am the biggest FREAK when it comes to Disney movies ( in particular the princess ones but I have a weakness for them all) So when Lion King came out in 3-D it was no question that we were going to see it!! AND LET ME TELL YOU... SO FREAKING WORTH IT! I can't wait to buy it on DVD but I will be disappointed it wont be in 3-D. Here's a look at my hubs all prepared and decked out for the movie!!!

Then on Sunday I had a pretty adventurous day. One of my amazing friends Laura finally got a job. She had set her mission of "get back to Raleigh asap" after having to move home after graduation and when she landed this job she was so excited. So Sunday after church we went out to "window shop" which us shopping together is disaster... but some how we ended up at the flea market and there was a very interesting event going on...

The picture is small yes I know but it was as close as we can get. All I have to say was we were so confused as what was going on but everyone looked like they enjoyed it.. here are some key words... Hispanic mickey and Minnie, limos, mariachi bands, tacos everywhere and kids running around in a bull pen with bulls in cages... kinda scary but everyone was acting like it was NO BIG DEAL?!?!?!

Then I made our new meal for the week. Andrew and I are foodies so we have to make new dishes so we don't just decide to go out to eat. This week I made a recipe off a blog I follow Christian Wife Life. She is a lover of all things Pioneer Woman and this Cajun Chicken Pasta is off the site. Let me tell you she said it feeds for days and it does... 3 days in the Tucker House. Def a most cook again but only on the weekends because of prep. See our outcome below

Finally the week sped by but it was  a nice surprise to see a good friend of ours Thursday. Andrews best friend Seth moved to GA after getting married ( he moved to OH after graduation and met his lovely wife Sara) and this is the first time we had seen him since. Sad we had to watch a wolfpack loss but we can wait to make our first trip to GA at the end of October to see their new house and meet their dog wookie.....

Eventually... Hopefully we will slow down( I know andrews praying for it ) but until them it is just go go go at the Tucker House

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