Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whoever said cooking was easy...lied

So I now understand why so many families don't cook full blown meals every day of the week.... unless your a rock star and I haven't exactly achieved rock star status yet, but here was my first attempt!!

While I was home over the weekend Andrew's mom gave me one of her cookbooks. It was a light eating cook book which took everyday favorite meals and made them low calorie and low fat. Andrew and I were so excited to try them that we immediately went through the book and marked all our pages of new recipes we wanted to try. The first one on the list, Andrews favorite .. Shepherd's Pie :)

So I gathered all my ingredients when I made my trip to the grocery store earlier this week so when I came home I was ready to start preparing the food. So 45 minutes later I am finally done cutting the carrots, onions and potatoes. Another 30 minutes later I am done cooking the meat, making gravy, and mashing the potatoes and everything is set in the pan. Finally after another 45 minutes dinner is out of the oven...whew finally light at the end of the tunnel!

However the final product looked pretty decent and tasted even better. If you want to try it check it out at Taste of Home- Shepherd's Pie... you wont be disappointed :)

I do understand though now why people choose to use more can goods and boxed items than making things completely from scratch but I can definitely taste the difference..

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