Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a weekend

So we had a pretty eventful weekend at the Tucker house. Our plan was to originally just hang out at home and I was going to a friends bridal shower but oh did that change. At about 4pm on Friday Andrew and I decided to make the spontaneous trip home to Charlotte for the weekend. Before you ask no, we weren't worried the hurricane was going to blow our house away or anything but it never fails that for any storm that comes through ( snow, rain, tornadoes...) we LOOSE POWER and are usually the only ones in the entire county so in that aspect is the only time I absolutely hate our apartment complex. So we weighed are options and decided the gas and the 3 hour drive home were well worth spending the weekend with power.

So off we went and to say the least we had an amazing but super packed fun filled weekend! On Saturday it was Andrews nephews first middle school football games so we went and from the temperature and weather in Charlotte you wouldn't have even know that a hurricane was taking over the eastern part of the state. It was a hot and sticky 90+ degrees outside! In between the games I went to lunch with my parents and sister and it was nice. I felt like I haven't had the chance to see them all togetherr since the wedding!!!

After the games are done we got to go out to eat with Andrews whole family for his dad's birthday... we ate mexican ( our fave)! It was so nice to see them all together but Andrew and I laughed as we left as we were sure the whole resturant probably clapped when we left cause we were so loud, but what can I say we all love to talk!!

Then I went to my favorite place in all of Charlotte with Andrew, Cassandra, Dylan( my sister and her BF) and Andrews mom and sister... the new and improved TCBY. I remember when I was in high school my sister and I used to go every day while we were at the pool but then they closed. Well now they have opened back up in a few new locations with some amazing changes...
They are now one of the frozen yogurt bars and its by far the best and I have to go everytime I am home. I made to date my favorite creation and I will share in case you ever get the chance to go:
White Chocolate Mouse Yogurt
Chocolate Chips
tasting just like White Choclate/ Choclate Covered Strawberries

Finally Sunday came and it was time for us to come home. We had such a great weekend with our family and it was much needed but it was time to come back home and get ready for our work week... We did discover that we have the busiest next few moths with tons of trip and it will start with our trip next weekend with my family

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