Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to my life

Well so many things have change for me this summer.. 

I got married. It's the most amazing thing, people ask me all the time if I feel different and I can't pin point a certain thing but all I know is I am so happy

We had the best wedding party in the world. I couldn't imagine anyone else with us that day and I love them all :)

We traveled to Jamaica for our honeymoon but my camera broke right before we left so all we have are lame phone pictures but amazing memories :) 
Our First Night :)
The Steel Drum Band.. it was awesome
Our Private Beach Cabana

Main Pool

The Private Pool at our Villa :)

We had a few more get aways this summer
 One Ohio to watch Andrews best friend get married in one of the most amazing museums.. The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. It was an old train station it was so fun to explore
Andrew and I touring the museum

Seth and Sara cutting the cake

The museum :)

And of course no summer is complete with out a few trips to the beach :)

I have also switched jobs. I was previous a manager at 
in Cary, NC and while I loved it I was ready to get back into something with kids. I will have to say I am signing back up for a membership there and if you are ever looking for an amazing spray tan or place to tan in general this is the place to go.

But with all that I am excited to start my new position in the 4th grade at Chesterbrook Academy :)

So that is my summer in a nutshell. I start teacher workdays Monday, Meet the Teacher Wednesday and we get our students on Thursday. I know my life is going to continue to change so I wanted to start this just to have a little space to be me :)

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