Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five

Well Yall today is my last Friday before I start my new job!
I am so excited but here are some things I am loving lately.

1. Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint

Okay Yall I haven't eaten pizza sine JUNE 2014! I used to love Mellow Mushrooms gluten free pizza but they changed the crust to make it vegan and now its just not good. So Uncle Maddios opened right by our house and this week I went to lunch with some of my teacher friends during planning and tried it out. Let just say Andrew was so excited we could have our Pizza Fridays again

2. Spring Nails

I love my routine mani/pedi and now that it is spring time I am extra happy. I live for hot pinks and a little part of me dies when I have to put them away for the fall/winter. So today I am headed straight to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi in my favorite color--- OPI La-Positively Hot

3. Home Updates
Andrew and I love our town home but there are a few things we have up our sleeves. We are going to start our DIY Wainscoting Project in the downstairs so we are headed to lowes this weekend to get some pricing and and trim samples and home to start the first week in April :)

4.  The Bachelor
Yall I have watched every single season and this season I will say I didn't hate either Whitney or Becca but I knew I wanted Whitney to win and I am so glad she did! I can't wait though for the summer for Bachelor in Paradise. I know these shows are so cheesy but they are my guilty pleasure!

5.  Friends

So like every other Netflixs marathon watcher we have been watching Friends in the Tucker Household. Well last night felt like the end of an era because as Andrew and I were in bed we finished the last episode :(
We both looked at each other and I said.. Now what do we do?
So if you have any recommendations for shows you and your other both like let me know cause we are in need!!

So what are you loving this Friday
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  1. We have been binge watching friends in our household too...not quite sure what we will do when there are no more seasons to watch! Have you seen HOC...highly suggest and also breaking bad another great one!! We are going to start the wire soon too! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston