Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Labor-less Weekend:)

Man do I love a 3 day weekend.
Do you want to know what I love more than a 3 day weekend...
That my friends would be a 3 day work week.
Thank you Wake County for making Monday a Holiday and Friday an optional workday.

Friday I started off my day casual style. My new school doesn't do jean Fridays except for on special days and at my school the start of college football is a reason to celebrate! It made it even better that we won on Saturday

We headed to Charlotte. Man I love this little fur ball and that he loves car rides. Our other pup.. not so much :(

I spent most of my day Saturday hanging out with this sweet girl. I just can't get enough!

On Sunday we went to the US National White Water Center with all our friends from college. If you have never been and live close you should go. It was so much fun and I was skeptical since I have been real white water rafting. Luckily we finished our raft time before the rain came:(

Monday came to quickly but not before some mani-pedi time with my mom and sister. 
PS I got these coach sandals Saturday for $23! Steal :)

Oh and our fun weekend came to a depressing end when someone hit our car while we were gone and left no note. Luckily they found the person and all is well after tons of paperwork:(
Andrew is sad.. his car is less than a year old :(

PS> Stay tuned tomorrow. My announcement is coming out :)


  1. That is awful about Andrew's car, I am so sorry! Glad you enjoyed the White Water Center! We didn't get to do the flatwater activities because it had rained really hard the night before, and we were supposed to get a rain check for them. We never did... but after my canoe experience I don't think I'd get back in that river!

  2. Hate that about the car, but glad you found the person!! Otherwise sounds like a fun weekend!