Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

I love this post every week because I love reading other's post and finding new favorite things!!

1. Bobbie Brown
Girls, I have been a MAC Eye Make-up girl my whole makeup wearing career but lately I feel like the quality of their products and service have been lacking.
I decided to try something new and really had no idea what and I ended up at Bobbie Brown and the makeup artist put on the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.
It really does stay on all day and goes on so perfect.

2.Chalkboard Signs
Our Pastor has been talking about memorizing more scripture so you can pray scripture and I have been looking for a way to display a verse weekly in our house.

I am loving these chalkboard versions.
I think a trip to Michael's is in my future so I can do a little DIY!

3. Starbucks Refreshers
I don't know why but I have been pretty anti-coffee lately.
It is beyond me cause I love it but I still need my daily fix.
Thank goodness for these Starbucks Refreshers cause they are giving me life on Friday Mornings when I have to be ready for all the children that are getting ready to walk into my classroom.
The very berry hibiscus is my fav :)

4. Wine
I love wine. In particular all types that are white and labeled pinto grigio.
A few summers ago I found my very favorite bottle when browsing Total Wine. I always look at the top 20 lists and this one was in the top 5 and had a pretty bottle so I was sold!
Who knew it would quickly become my favorite. Sad thing is its a summer wine and they don't carry it as often during the winter:(
I have a bottle and I'll be enjoying it this weekend along with my last taste of all other things summer :)

5. New Items
I am so excited about all the new stuff I have for the shop:)
I have made so many sales in Raleigh from word of mouth that I am excited to be able to focus on promoting the etsy shop to expand my business.
Look at some of these amazing pieces I added this week

Check them all out here :)

Well here's to my Friday I plan on enjoying a nice Starbucks Refresher on the way to work and my favorite glass of wine tonight before its gone for the summer :)


  1. Yayy for your new shop!! Love the leather wrap bracelet! Love any wine too ;)

  2. That eyeliner looks scary, I'm more of a pencil type of girl. How do you put it on? And I'm loving everything you're putting in your shop! I foresee a lot of your items being on my Christmas list!

  3. That eyeliner looks amazing. I too aren't that happy with MAC right now so I might have to switch over. xo

  4. I just discovered that you can get blueberries in your starbucks drinks, and it was mind boggling to me. That drink looks delicious! -Julie The Jort Report

  5. That Starbucks refresher looks so good, but I never have the guts to try it, just in case I don't like it. I don't want to waste my money when I get a treat at Starbucks! Maybe one of these days I'll finally give it a try.