Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

1. My Blogger Friends
aka you reading this right now!

I am so overwhelmed by the emails, comments and facebook messages I have received from my post yesterday about starting a business!
People think its weird all the time that I blog but they just don't understand. 
I love yall!
Check out my new favorite item
Aren't these monogrammed pacifiers adorable!
I added a few more things yesterday so go check it out:)

If you missed yesterdays post check it out here and like me on facebook and etsy!

2. Fall Yall :)
While I am not a fan of pumpkin flavored things I am a fan of all other things fall. I can't wait for the weather to cool down a little more so I can make some soups, hit up a pumpkin patch, corn maze and hopefully make it to Charleston for a haunted Halloween tour:)

PS. Are anyone else hearing calls from their wonderful boots, scarves and leggings??

3.  Church at the Ballpark
Yall this one makes me so giddy!
 I am so happy to see what God is doing in RDU and the fact that this event brings all of the Summit Campuses together to worship is amazing! Enough people to fill the Durham Bulls Park to worship the Lord! Give me goosebumps just thinking about it!
If you are in the RDU area and want to come worship with us on Sunday, September 15th please let me know. I will meet you and sit with you and be so excited you are visiting!
Check out here for more info
God is doing great things!

4. Fall Jewelry
So as a lovely family member(who will not be named) pointed out my jewelry seemed to summery!
Guess that means I need more.
I am loving this piece. 
Great transition into fall-- Minus the earrings!
(bet you didn't know I don't have mine PIERCED!)
What do you think?

5.Real Food

So I think I am giong to attemp the challenge
We already eat pretty good in our house but I get stuck so often!
She gives you three week of full meal planning for free to help you get the hang of it!
We are gonna eat normal this week and start next Friday.
Wish us luck!!!


  1. Glad you got good feedback about your shop! I added it to my 5 today! If/when you come to Charleston, let me know! It would be fun to get a group together to go to the ghost tour! I've always wanted to do one! HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. That Monogrammed Paci might just need to find its way to our house :) So cute! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that pacifier, I'll have to check out our shop. Best of luck with the business!

  4. I love this all. The fall themes, church in the ballpark, starting your own business, THAT JEWELRY. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  5. Interested in that food program!! Looks good!! Great necklace!! :)