Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skin Care Q&A

So I am sure you thought I was answering the questions but actually you are!
I feel that I have a pretty good skin care routine.
It has taken alot of trial and error but I finally found some amazing stuff
I have recently discovered Murad
and I love it 

So here is what I use for my nighttime routine

Time Release Acne Cleanser

I use this as my first step and I can really feal the tingling as it cleans my skin

Clarifying Toner
This is my second step
I feel like toner is a must for everyone
It really gets all the extra grime out of your pores!

Skin Perfecting Lotion
This is my last step
A nice moisturize to help seal it all in

Then there are a few things I use randomly throughout my week

Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel
I use this once a week
Exfoliating your face is so important that way when you are cleaning it each day it can get deep in your pores and not stuck on dead skin

Acne Spot Treatment
For when you start to feel a bump :(

So my questions for you:
1. I need a daily daytime moisturizer
I have super sensitive skin but I want some better SPF than whats in my make up

2. What kind of anti-aging treaments do you use on your face
I know I don't have any lines or wrinkles yet so I want to keep it that way
What are you using to help keeo your face beautiful??


  1. I use all Paula's Choice products. I go see Julie at Beauty Ethics in Cameron Village and she takes such great care of me. The moisturizer that I use is amazing. It seriously makes your skin feel divine. All my make up is hers as well and it has SPF too!

  2. I have been reading about Murad ever since you introduced me to it and think I'm going to order it! It seems like a great product and I'm desperate!