Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today of all days I am especially Thankful
If you saw in my last post I have been stressing about a particular exam that took place at 6pm today
Well Today I am thankful for that I got an 80 on the exam :)

I am Thankful for my wonderful husband who helped me study for the last three days
and on completion of my exam and a wonderful passing grade he took me to 
Champa Thai and Sushi for a celebratory dinner :)

I am thankful that tomorrow if Friday 
and that next week I will only work 3 days before having 2 weeks off

I am thankful for all my sweet family who have called to make sure I rocked my exam

on a sad note..
Andrew and I searched about 5 stores today for tacky Christmas sweaters
and we didn't find any
Goodwill said they put out at least 30 today 
and of course when we got there none..
so this we are not thankful for
any advice to where we could go tomorrow would be great
as our party is Friday
here is what we would ideally like
Andrew wants something with a reindeer

And I want a sweater vest

Santa... is this too much to ask for our party on Saturday??


  1. That stinks you couldn't find any at Goodwill! :( I love Ugly Sweater parties! They're so much fun!!! I hope you guys find cute {I mean UGLY} ones!

  2. Yay for your husband helping you study & yay for you passing! Hate you couldn't find a sweater at Goodwill!! I havent ever been to a tacky sweater party, but I am sure it would be lots of fun!! Everyone is talking about them! Maybe next year we can host one, ha!