Friday, December 9, 2011


So like I said yesterday I am really sick
I went to work today however since I am not contagious
I just have a constant pounding in my head, sneezing, coughing awful head cold.
So what did I decide to do today..
Since I was at school yesterday till 8:30 for my students holiday concerts
 I knew some medicine was in order
I trotted over to my local CVS

an picked up what used to be my lifesaver

But apparently they now have a normal Alka- Seltzer Plus and a Daytime version ( which I clearly didn't see)

so I head on over to work with the new snowflake cup I also bought at CVS
(it was so cute and only $5)
and take my meds thinking in about an hour I'll feel peachy :)

Except I began to feel like I was hit by a truck
and it is taking me everything I have to stay awake
( I missed the warning label that said drowsiness as a side affect)

So what a day what a day.

Not to mention I was in such a rush last night to get to our holiday concert that I left the house looking like this

with two different shoes on :(
(photo courtesy of my husband)
He laughed all night and thought it was hilarious
While the fashionista in me was dying :(

Hopefully my weekend will go off a lot better!

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  1. Ohhh my gosh, the shoes cracked me up! You poor thing - you are sick! I hate taking cold medicine, especially Mucinex... I'd rather just be sick! Feel better soon!