Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall TV Line Up at the Tuckers

As the Fall shows are now in full swing heres a look at our favorites

Here are my Favorites that I have been watching since they first started. I have seen every episode

I am so sad the series is in its last season so I watch extra intently each time it comes on

Oh McDreamy... you still have it

and of course when the spin - off came out.. I had to watch it too

But don't get me wrong, I don't force Andrew to watch just girly shows.. we have our favorites too
Think of NCSI, CSI, or Law and Order but the comedy version.. this show comes on USA on Wednesday and its a MUST... if you've never watched it you should jump on the bandwagon.. NOW!

We are hooked... take one snow weekend 2 years ago where we were stuck in doors and we watch all the episodes through netflix steaming.. now every Tuesday at 8pm this is whats on at our house :)

This show is in its second episode and we like it... not sure where the plot is going to go through multiple seasons but we are gonna hang on to see

And since the world series is done our last two favorites will return... and while baseball is a favorite at our house we were ready for our shows to come back 

Glee... I've watched it since the beginning but Andrew is hooked :) we even watched the Glee project to find out who would be next on the show!

Our last new show we started watching... we were sure at first but after rave reviews from our friends we watched it on demand and we have to admit.. its pretty good...

So whats on your DVR???

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