Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Washington DC-- Day One

Better late than never!
I am finally going to re-cap our D.C Trip:)
We had such a blast! I have been to DC many times being a teacher but this trip was so different. I didn't have to count heads, get lunches for others, make straight lines, etc. I could just sit back, relax and actually enjoy our nations capital:)

We spent a good portion of the day driving but it was a Saturday so the traffic wasn't to bad:)
We always say we are going to get Cooper some dog valleum for car ride but never do but since this ride was more than the normal 2.5 hours home I really wish we would have!
When we arrived we got to the cute little flat we rented for the week and it was just perfect. If you ever are looking for a better alternative to hotel vacationing this is it!

We relaxed and explored DuPont for a little bit before finally getting ready for dinner in Old Towne Alexandria. We were going to do a Ghost Tour but it was rainy so we opted out.

In our house dessert is a must after dinner. I mean I don't care how good your food is you stop eating so you can eat dessert! We found the cutest little fro-yo shop called yogato.I mean really they had old school Nintendo for you to play and all these cool ways to get discounts. We got our fro-yo and played a game of trouble.

Finally after a long day we headed back to the place to relax with the pupsters before another full day of adventures!


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