Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I will give it a try...

So I am sure this is a shock to all you Hunger Games fans out there 
butt..... I have not read the book.
With school, work and hanging out with my husband I do not have much time for reading.
I decided with Spring Break around the corner I could probably squeeze in some extra me time for reading and figured that the Hunger Games was the perfect choice.
My Kindle very much is appreciating the love

I am about 30 pages in and I am definitely hooked
I am however disappointed to say that while the easiness of this read is upper elementary, the content is not as much. I have seen many elementary and even early middle grades student reading this and while it could be a starting point for great discussion among families and their children, I highly doubt that is what is happening. 
However I will be finishing the first book over break and possibly starting the second one since we do have 8 hours worth of driving during our trip to and from Charleston.  


  1. They are such easy and great reads! Hope you enjoy them all as much as I did :)

  2. I totally agree with this and thought the same thing while reading this. One of my best friends is a 3rd grade teacher and said that some of her kids went to see the movie... which if I had a 3rd grader, would not allow.

    Loving the read for myself though I mostly can't stop reading because I need closure and a happy ending ha!

  3. I actually saw the movie last weekend, and plan to read the book(s) very soon now. I was surprised at how many young kids were in the movie!!

  4. I'd love to hear what you think when you are done! I too feel your 'pain' as far as not having time to read. Hopefully the pool this summer will help aide that time! xoxo A-