Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Belated Birthday Post

So I am a huge fan of Birthdays!

Mine was last Thursday (February 23rd) and I have been celebrating away for over a week
Hence my blogging absence as I've been so busy and utterly exhausted by the time I reach the house :)

I started my birthday a weekend early (on Feb 18th)
As I headed home to Charlotte to be with my Family :)
Saturday was filled with a day full of shopping with my mom and younger sister
We hit up all our favorite shops and it was so nice to just have a day out
For dinner we met up with my dad and Andrew
We started to eat at Firebirds but it was 135 minute wait
(yes the hostest really said that even though a normal person would say 2 hours and 15 minutes)
So we left and went to another one of my local favorites

It was so nice to have a dinner out with my family :)

On Thursday( My actual birthday)
I went to school as normal
but lovely students had such a surprise
They threw me a surprise party and I received some lovely gifts, cards and candy and a bouquet of my favorite flowers

That night Andrew took me out to dinner to Nantucket Grill
We stuffed ourselves with delicious food and two huge pieces of coconut and tiramisu cake 

Andrew also got me some amazing under armour workout clothes and an adorable new VS Bathing Suit
Here's the one I got but I'm sure it wont look like it does on the model
I enjoy my food a little too much for that :)

Saturday Night my birthday celebrations continued
We went to dinner at the Oxford in downtown Raleigh and stay for some adult fun once the band started

We took some more pictures but I don't have them so this is one I found online but some many of my wonderful friends are missing!

Overall my birthday was a success and I have such good friends and family that shared it with me.


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I love love LOVE the bathing suit you got, it's absolutely adorable : ) Glad you had a great b-day!

  2. sounds so fun! glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Our birthday's are only a couple days apart :) Glad you had such a great birthday and got to spend it with the people you care about :)

  4. Looove that VS bathing suit! Glad you had such a fun extended bday celebration :)

  5. i celebrate birthweek too. it seems only natural that everyone celebrate for so long right?

  6. Mmm I love City Tavern! Sounds like you had a great {nice and long} bday! It's so nice to have family close to celebrate with!