Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sideboard Styling

So when we bought our precious town home almost 1.5 years ago {Yikes.. has it already been that long?!?}, we knew it wasn't for the long haul. It was a temporary home that was a part of our 5 year plan. But just because it is only for 5 years doesn't mean I haven't had so much fun styling our home!!

The downstairs part of our house has always been my first priority because that is where most of our guest are when we have them over. We added wainscoting, bought curtains, added updated hardware on the cabinets. All which were easy decisions, but there was a blank wall behind our couch that I knew was perfect for a sideboard/buffet and then hunt began.

Well if you own a sideboard or buffet you know they don't come a small price. and after hunting for the last 1.5 years we couldn't find one. Well let me clarify I couldn't find one that the mister wouldn't freak out about over price. So he told me he would build one and as skeptical as I was it turned out to be beautiful!

So what are you thoughts? Anything you can think of that I don't have pictured?

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